| August 21, 2021

Kimberly Crespo Named Vice President of Corporate Sales at Emprint

Kimberly Crespo [ Credit: ]

Rebecca Vance is proud to announce the promotion of Kimberly Crespo to Vice President Corporate Sales.    “Working along side Kimberly for the past 35 years has been one of the most enjoyable parts of my job” says Rebecca Vance. “Kimberly’s strengths in organization, integrity, hard work, and dedication has made it a pleasure to work alongside her and her contribution to the company is unparalleled.” 

Kimberly has been in the commercial printing business for over 35 years. “She started working at Moran/Emprint right out of college as our receptionist, and was eager to learn and grow within the organization,” Vance says.

Kim has held positions in customer service, estimating, project management and sales, and has handled one of the largest of Emprint’s clients for many years. While her experience in all of these functions has helped in her success, she has held a lead sales role in our healthcare markets for the past 10 years, helping to develop our Emprint Web products. She is well versed in the technical aspects of those software products, and is working now with President, Rebecca Vance, and Chief Information Officer, Neill Cato to further market, develop and expand our healthcare services sales. Kimberly is part of the senior management team at Emprint and is both tactical and strategic in her daily efforts as part of such.

I know all of us at Emprint are proud to see our friend and colleague receive the recognition that she has so obviously earned. She has the ability to multi-task and contribute on many levels in account development and plays a significant role in corporate sales initiatives, helping Emprint to expand our web enabled client base. If you know Kimberly at all, you know she does this with a significant amount of loyalty to our company and it’s employees, is appreciated by all of her clients, and always does so with a smile! I know I speak for all of us in congratulating Kimberly and wishing her the best as the new Vice President of Corporate Sales at Emprint!

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