| May 14, 2020

Work from Home Survival Kit

Maintain a Consistent Sleep Schedule

Resist the urge to stay up past your bedtime to Netflix binge or hitting the snooze button on your phone. 

Get Dressed

Yoga pants are okay, but change out of those PJs. Brush your hair, put on shoes, Train your brain that you’re preparing for work, not the weekend.

Çreate a Home-to-Work “Commute.

Even though you’re quarantined, doesn’t mean you can’t walk outside to drink your morning Joe, start the day with a yoga session or
take a walk to transition into your work day. 

Carve out a Designated Workspace

It can be helpful to have a space that you assign as your work area,
even if it is the kitchen table. 

Build Breaks Into Your Schedule

Set stand-up and stretch reminders on your phone or go for a walk
outdoors at a regular time. Give your brain a break!

Eat and Hydrate Mindfully

Like a plant, your body needs water and nutrients to survive and thrive. Plan your meals and snacks as though you’re heading into the office. 

Set a Clock-out Time and Stick to It.

Set hours for your workday and stick to it to avoid burnout. 

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