Emprint Makes Its Mark With Green Technology

Emprint makes environmentally responsible decisions for how we conduct our day-to-day business. It is not only the path to a sustainable future, but curbing materials waste and energy consumption makes us more efficient, reducing cost for our customers.

Of course we know–printing uses paper. Paper is a renewable resource, and we encourage and stock a vast array of recycled and sustainable papers for our customers to choose from for their printing needs. Moreover, we have invested in a compacting and bailing system to facilitate the easy recycling of all paper and cardboard by-products that our plants produce.

Of course we know–printing uses chemicals and metals. We acquire cutting-edge printing technologies to use fewer resources overall. Digital presses no longer use metal plates and use far less paper and ink in the make-ready process. In addition, Emprint evaluates every piece of new equipment to ensure it is energy efficient and has the lowest possible environmental impact. Just as you might recycle your soda cans (we do that too), we recycle the aluminum from the printing plates we use.

Of course we know–printing uses energy. We focus on the simpler things, things like encouraging all our associates to be environmentally aware and energy efficient. That means always turning off unnecessary lights and equipment at work and at home. Emprint has also invested in equipment that operates at lower temperatures, which saves energy.

In our ever-increasing efforts to minimize environmental impact, Emprint has developed DigiDoc, a cloud-based document management system that is helping hospitals and other healthcare systems reduce their carbon footprint. The digitization of forms and version control structure allows these organizations to use less paper while still delivering excellent patient care.

Of course we know–this is only the beginning. In order to create a better planet, Emprint strives to become more efficient and honor our commitment to our people and the environment that sustains us. We understand sustainability is essential for our business and our planet.