Your IT team just got larger.

There’s nothing worse than having a bold plan to modernize and digitize your paper process and being faced with the reality of the IT resources it’ll take to execute. We agree whole-heartedly, and that’s why in addition to having the best printing resources available to you, we fully staff a client-centric software development team to integrate our technology with yours.

Whatever the need to streamline your business process, we have the ability to actually write the software to enable your staff to order, print, fulfill and report on the projects we have in-house. You can literally have on-site managers able to customize designs and content approved by your legal and brand identity staff with the click of a button.

If your process is completely different than anyone else in your industry, don’t worry – we write our programs to conform to your business process for approvals, payment, tracking and authority.

We have developed a cloud-based document management system that is customizable to healthcare systems and their processes. DigiDoc allows hospitals, emergency clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, and other systems to stay organized and maintain compliance.

For more information about Digidoc, visit www.digidoc.tech.